Monday, June 8, 2015

No Judgment, Just Rescue

I was reminded again yesterday evening not to judge.  My friend and I were following a Facebook post of a woman trying to find a home for a yellow lab.  They had supposedly obtained the lab from another individual, and as I read about the re-homing fee, and their decision not to turn the dog over to a rescue, I immediately became suspicious and upset.  Why do we outcry Craigs' List postings of dogs but think that Facebook is acceptable, I wondered openly to my friend.  Why won't they turn the dog over to a rescue if they were never able to care for him in the first place?  As these thoughts swirled and I became more upset at the potential fate of this poor dog, I was reminded, I am not here to judge.  My job is to offer to help, receive the animals I can actually help, pray for them and their owners, and move on.  We can't save them all, and what about the ones we had to turn away this week?  The good Lord politely reminded me to focus on the calls we are receiving for help and distress and leave the rest to His hands.

People ask frequently, how are we able to take in dogs and cats without judging the owners or saying something to them.  My response is always the same, "it's not our job to judge."  Our West Virginia Chapter has seen some of the worst rescue cases imaginable.  We receive calls for help all over the State, sometimes from people who were well meaning, but limited funds and resources and can no longer care for the animals.  We have been invited to the homes of drug dealers and hoarders to help rescue owner turn ins.  Why do we have the trust that we do in these areas?  Because we never judge the circumstances.  We are here to help if you need us.  Our volunteers and staff will not judge you or treat you with disrespect.  If you need to turn over an animal, and we are able to help, we will.  No judgment, just rescue.