Tuesday, July 9, 2013

HUGE News for Tails of Courage - Headquarters!!

Home.  It has so many meanings.  To a dog it can mean living under a tree outside in the cold, a deadly shelter, or being chained up somewhere before being rescued and moving safely to a foster home and eventually a forever adoptive home.  To our organization, it refers to the places where we house our dogs, where we meet with other volunteers to run or discuss a program, where we meet to worship God, and where we lay our head at night.  Tails of Courage has never had just one home, we have many.  We open our homes to the lost and abandoned – dog and human alike.  Through the extreme generosity of Passage East Kennels of Wilton, Connecticut, (www.passageeastkennels.com) Tails of Courage had a temporary home to house many of the dogs waiting to find their forever homes.  The staff worked tirelessly, helping volunteers with adoptions, and accepting donations, and most importantly, caring for our dogs as though they were their own pets.  Because of their incredible efforts, they helped Tails of Courage to grow and prosper.  They stepped in during a critical time for the organization and were lifesavers, not only for the dogs, but for Tails of Courage.  The manager, Fawn, helped to breathe new life into the rescue.  When we realized one day that we were completely outgrowing our allotted space at Passage East, we faced a crossroads.  Would we set out to rent more space in other locations, spread out the dogs and try to coordinate adoptions from various locations, or would we make the HUGE leap of finding our own space?  Our own home.  We are pleased to announce that Tails of Courage, after much work and negotiating, and with the generosity of Wilcroft Kennels of Danbury, Connecticut, will officially as of July 15, 2013 have a headquarters!  Tails of Courage Headquarters will be home to a kennel where we will house our adoptable pets and meet the public for adoptions, meeting spaces where we will work to run our various programs, and well, we do not yet know what else, but are looking forward to the next phase!  Now, while we are celebrating, we also need donations.  We need everything from cleaning supplies, to office supplies, to towels and blankets, dog bowls, beds, and of course, monetary donations.   To see our wish list, please go to www.tailsofcourage.org/donate.  Our new Headquarters address is 1 Pembroke Road, Danbury, CT 06811.  We are only leasing this space as of now and hope to raise the funds to purchase.  Check out our building fund project! We look forward to having you stop by and visit us! 

In other news, Tails of Courage has 5 runner slots given to us for the 2013 ING NYC Marathon!  We have 5 runners chosen and are in the process of setting up our runner registration.  We are already up and running for donations.  Please check out www.tailsofcourage.org/run_your_race_ 

Our Traveling Tails of Courage program has been going so well.  Our teenage volunteers have been enjoying visiting the residents of the nursing home each week.  If you want to recommend a nursing home for a visit, please email us at traveling@tailsofcourage.org.  We are always welcoming new volunteers to the ministry. 

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